Hemp Ag Consulting

Hemp Ag Service

Why consider a hemp farming consultant? Many farmers in this state are familiar with growing, tobacco, cotton, soy beans, corn and other type of fiber and grain crop. Hemp/low THC Cannabis although considered a weed. And can grow in most environments. But hemp/cannabis will grow better and yielding more seed, fiber and or CBD Flower. When the plant receives the proper attention. 

Our Experience

We have a combined experience of 25 years growing cannabis. 10 years owning a retail Hydroponics store. We have experience growing in greenhouses, outdoor and indoor growing.  We continually attend training and cannabis/hemp specific growing seminars. So that we can bring the most recent tactics, techniques and procedures. So that we can ensure our clients success in this burgeoning farming industry.  

Initial Assessment

We offer an initial Consult, at $75. At our indoor facility. And gives us the ability to determine the hours and cost to the farmer. All Consulting is based on a $75 an hour fee.   

Master Grower Contracting

Our master grower, who may be contracted for a day, week, month or an entire season. Contract Master Grower fees and costs, Are based on farm size, distance to travel and other internal and external factors.  

Discounts on Clones and Seed

 If using our consulting service you will receive a 25% discount on all clones and seeds for purchase.